Cookie Series-Flowery Butter Cookie



The bakery products produced by Caffe Milani are deeply loved by everyone. Check out this new cookie series – Flowery Butter Cookie, which is different from other handmade cookies, the taste will be crispier and richer in butter aroma!


  • Butter Cookie (6pcs)
  • Green Tea Cookie (6pcs)
  • Chocolate Cookie (6pcs)

Best Before: Within 50 days from the date of production (see on the packing)

Ingredients: Butter, Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Chocolate, Cocoa powder, green tea powder, Milk powder, vanilla

Nutrition Information Per 100g

Energy    240kcal
Protein     6g
Fat, Total     26g
– Saturated Fatty Acids    14g
– Trans Fatty Acids     0g
Carbohydrates     44g
– Sugar     14g
Sodium     120mg

Additional information

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