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Giovanni Pina was founded in 1920 in Italy. With over a hundred years of pastry experience, Giovanni Pina is dedicated to bringing the legend of Italian pastries and birthday cake to Hong Kong. Italian baking is world-renowned and Giovanni Pina’s baking style represents the pinnacle of the world’s baking art.

Are you looking for the best cake for a special event? When it comes to selecting a birthday cake for a particular occasion, Hong Kong has an abundance of cake shops. There is something for every occasion, from birthday classics to anniversary showstoppers. Whether you are looking for birthday cakes, cupcakes, or something unique, Giovanni Pina has compiled the best cake brand in the world that allows you to order online and makes your event unforgettable.

Giovanni Pina is a century-old Italian online cake shop that has been passed down to the third generation. The third-generation chef of the family is expanding Giovannie Pina into Asia and takes everyone on a journey into the world of delightful birthday cakes and sweet pastries. Giovanni Pina strives to help provide customers with the best pastries. If you fancy Italian delights, be sure that you can find it at Giovanni Pina. You can order online 24 hours in advance and pick-up your delicious birthday cake.

HKD250-450 for BIRTHDAY CAKES Hong Kong at​

Convenience and Enjoyment of Birthday Cake Hong Kong at Giovanni Pina

As an online cake shop in Hong Kong, Giovanni Pina is dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.

Online cake shopping at Giovanni Pina offers you with a wide range of cake selections while saving you time and effort. When you go to a bakery, you will notice a limited selection of cakes. If you are planning to preorder a birthday cake or other cake for a special occasion, you will surely visit several local bakeries before deciding on one unique cake to purchase. If you opt to order the cake online at, you will have access to a wider selection of cakes than you would at practically all local bakeries combined.

However, moving from a bakery or cake shop to an event venue or home will take a significant amount of time and effort. If you do not want to go from bakery to bakery, you may utilise the time and effort saved to create a more elaborate party for your loved one by ordering a cake online at You may browse among hundreds of options in less than a half hour and select the finest one. This will save you a significant amount of time and energy.

At Giovanni Pina, you can not only save time and effort, but you can also save money. This is also one of the main advantages of ordering a cake online. There are some fantastic deals we have during special seasons. Sometimes, we offer promotions that give customers a decent discount on the cakes we have on our online cake shop in Hong Kong. You will not only be purchasing a cake that your loved one will find wonderfully delicious, but you will also be making the cake more inexpensive to you. This is not a decision you will be sorry for making.

The Best Luxury Cake Shop – Giovanni Pina has arrived Hong Kong

Nothing beats a cake to cap off a celebration, and in Hong Kong, we are spoiled for choice and easy to order cake online.

There is truly something for everyone, whether you’re looking for crowd-pleasing classics for a birthday, something spectacular (and as delicious) to honour an anniversary, or perhaps you’re conveying gratitude through gluten-free treats. And since we are celebrating, why not go all out with the most rich, wonderfully handmade, and utterly delightful cake? Yes, we couldn’t be more in agreement. Giovanni Pina has discovered the greatest cakery in Hong Kong to celebrate in style, slice after slice.

Giovanni Pina, Italy’s greatest master baker, Italy’s best ingredients, and the spirit of continual progress and perfection have all contributed to Giovanni Pina’s status as a century-old Italian classic, bringing the world its distinct and delectable world-class pastry. At​, we offer a number of Giovanni Pina cakes online, including birthday cakes, cut cakes, mini tarts and premium gifts.

​​The above are just some primary advantages of online birthday cake buying at Luxtek. Cake for life, and it is available online. Feel free to shop for birthday cake in Hong Kong at anytime!

The Best Online Store to Order Birthday Cake in Hong Kong

How to throw a birthday party, you might ask. We would say the key to a successful birthday party is a perfect birthday cake. Imagine gathering all your friends and family, lighting a candle for each year, making a wish, blowing out all the candles in one breath, and dividing the cake! The joy is truly a treasure. Order a huge enough birthday cake to serve all of your guests. The size of your birthday cake will be determined by its style. If you choose a single-tier round cake, it will serve 24 people. Consult your baker to decide the appropriate size cake depending on your guest list. If you have numerous layers, you may adjust your serving size accordingly. Bear in mind that you have to preorder your birthday cake at an online cake shop to avoid disruption of order.

We offer an entire range of wonderfully designed, mouth-watering cakes at Luxtek – from classic favourites to exotic one-of-a-kind flavours; from creamy and indulgent to refreshing – no matter whose birthday you are celebrating, we guarantee there is a cake for them!

As celebration experts and cakeaholics, we have put together a comprehensive list of some of our best-selling cakes on our online cake shop. The cake works for occasions, no matter if it is for a big holiday, event, or birthday celebration. We have got you covered for a wonderful celebration ahead.

Tiramisù “My Way” – Feeling a little Italian? Try one of Giovanni Pina’s most renowned Tiramisu cakes, made with Zabaglione Cream, Mascarpone Cheese Cream, and Coffee Rhum. This cake’s delicate coffee aroma touches on addiction sometimes. Even if you do not drink coffee, you will appreciate this cake. The flavour is delicate and gentle, bringing out the finest in chocolate.

Millefoglie – If you are looking for a refreshing classic delight, look no further. The world’s famous Millefoglie cake is made out of crusty and delicate puff pastry abundantly piled with smooth vanilla custard. The simplicity and outstanding flavour make Millefoglie the most beloved cake for Birthdays, Weddings and other festive events in Hong Kong.

Milano Cheesecake – Say no more! The Italian version of cheesecake. Its flavour is really not anything out of the ordinary. Made with Philadelphia cheese and bursting with lemon flavour. With some crust that adds layers to the cake, it has become a favourite of Hong Kongers. You may now have a taste of it for yourself by visiting the online cake shop Giovanni Pina.

Of course, the options do not just stop there; there are also other versions of birthday cake, to name but a few, a “Principessa” – Italian Princess, and limited edition cakes for special days like the Saint Valentine’s Cake. The signature Saint Honoré cake with custard cream is a charming cake to enjoy. Sacher all’Italiana made of chocolate ganache glaze is ready to surprise your loved ones.

Feel free to browse or contact our customer service hotline at (852) 2345 2772 during business hours for more information!


  1. Do you provide a delivery service for cake online order Hong Kong?

Yes, we provide free delivery on orders of coffee-related products valued at  HKD$200 or more. Otherwise, each order will be charged a delivery fee of HKD$30; Delivery service is unavailable for all orders of cakes and pastry products. For the time being, only self-pickup at the cake store is the only option. If you need special arrangements, please contact our customer service hotline at (852) 2345 2772 during business hours.


  1. Do you provide customised birthday cakes in Hong Kong?

We certainly do! Almost all of the cake options allow you to customise them with a message. However, please remember that each custom greeting cannot include more than 40 characters in English or 12 words in Chinese.


  1. When should I make my purchase and order for online cake shop?

We lovingly handle each of your orders, so please give us at least 1 day’s notice. However, you would need to order at least 48-hours in advance for a whole cake that is 22cm or larger. Please view the shipping details and options when checking out.


  1. Can I claim a refund or cancel my order of birthday cakes?

Once the order has been confirmed, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed. We also retain the right, due to limited availability, to refuse any rescheduling request.


  1. Who is the courier for online cake shop Hong Kong?

All orders are not available for delivery at the moment, please visit our cake store for picking up your birthday cakes after online ordering.


  1. What payment methods are accepted for online cake shop Hong Kong?

You can pay online via credit card – We accept VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay.


  1. Can I modify the contents of my order of birthday cake Hong Kong?

If you need to change your order or reschedule your pickup/delivery, please contact us as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that rescheduling of birthday cake in Hong Kong is subject to the availability of the new pick-up/delivery date.

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