Miss Ursula



The Italian dessert master Giovanni Pina specially created a new series of cakes, which combines a variety of ingredients and brings sophisticated tastes to enjoy!
One of the new cakes “Miss Ursula” is a Chestnut Ginger Chocolate Cake named after her daughter Ursula. Chestnuts and chocolate are combined with mild ginger juice to create a unique sweet and slightly spiced taste, showing her daughter’s unique personality with both gentleness and fortitude! This cake has won the award of “I maestri del dolce” in Monte Carlo as being one of the Master of Desserts.

Main Ingredients:
Candied Chestnut Puree, Cream, Ginger, Flourless Cocoa Sponge Cake

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Cake Size

Dia. 14cm, Dia. 18cm, Dia. 22cm

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